Lizzie Shirley singer and songwriter,  music and singing leader,  drama teacher and workshop leader, song arranger, actor, comedian and published poet.

Scotsman …’sings as sweetly as anyone in Edinburgh’

Time Out …’equally talented in both arts…a rare and ringing voice’.

5 Stars …’a blithe acoustic stance…utterly lovely’

South London Press : …’highly recommended’ …’a born performer’.



Available for performances of a political/Socialist set of radical songs, (including Brecht, anti-nuclear, Leon Rosselson, etc) In a performance called 'Sing and Survive'. with accompanist on piano.

And for performances as singer/songwriter - including political and social comment songs, love songs, and quirky fun songs.






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( Reflections on my father’s work : asphalter. ) Tempo : fast !

Up north asphalting.
The sticky black stuff of dreams.
Up north asphalting with the Italians.
‘They knew a thing or two,
I learned a lot from those Italians.
I learned about bitumen and asphalt
How to lay asphalt’
Heat it up like the devil’s coffee
Thick black syrup is more than hot
It’s a living river of life-threatening syrupy heat
Lay it quick, allegro, pronto
Lay it, spread it while it’s hotter than hot
Dangerous man’s work ! It’s a man’s job!
Hurray hot! Quick hot ! Move hot!
Heat heat .
Wipe a brow, wipe the sweat
Build some muscle, break your back
Break your knees, loose some sweat
Breathe in, breathe the fumes
Shout up, shout across, shout down
Shout shout, temper temper sleep sleep.

(Tempo : slowed down !)
Reminders are there
Reminders like a knob of asphalt on a shirt
Which refuses to be washed off by soap.
It clings to the cotton.
“No I won’t let go
I am a badge of honour
You have earned me
I should stay
I cling to your clean shirt
I will not be ignored or compromised
Once an asphalter
You are one for life. “


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