Lizzie Shirley singer and songwriter,  music and singing leader,  drama teacher and workshop leader, song arranger, actor, comedian and published poet.

Scotsman …’sings as sweetly as anyone in Edinburgh’

Time Out …’equally talented in both arts…a rare and ringing voice’.

5 Stars …’a blithe acoustic stance…utterly lovely’

South London Press : …’highly recommended’ …’a born performer’.



Available for performances of a political/Socialist set of radical songs, (including Brecht, anti-nuclear, Leon Rosselson, etc) In a performance called 'Sing and Survive'. with accompanist on piano.

And for performances as singer/songwriter - including political and social comment songs, love songs, and quirky fun songs.






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Breakdown and the daughter

And she smiled with a grin
In the school hall
Waiting on an endless row of chairs
For her life to begin.

And there is traffic outside
Like an over-ripe fast film
Which took her life away, a time ago.

Don’t know what she wants to say,
And that could change anyway.
But she wanders away,
Wondering all day
When her life would begin.

A shock and confusion
A numbing and a collision
A scream surrounds her
And eats her.
A happy song
Is asking when her life would begin.

She wanders into the school office
Mum is there
Mum is more worried than usual today
Mum is fussing.
Mum’s gesture and tone are vehicles
To get her through the day
Of waiting for her daughter’s life to begin.

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