Lizzie Shirley singer and songwriter,  music and singing leader,  drama teacher and workshop leader, song arranger, actor, comedian and published poet.

Scotsman …’sings as sweetly as anyone in Edinburgh’

Time Out …’equally talented in both arts…a rare and ringing voice’.

5 Stars …’a blithe acoustic stance…utterly lovely’

South London Press : …’highly recommended’ …’a born performer’.



Available for performances of a political/Socialist set of radical songs, (including Brecht, anti-nuclear, Leon Rosselson, etc) In a performance called 'Sing and Survive'. with accompanist on piano.

And for performances as singer/songwriter - including political and social comment songs, love songs, and quirky fun songs.






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Housing for all is a human right
And now our council homes are under threat
Big business wants to buy the land that’s not for sale
And we will fight back you bet you bet
Yes we will fight back you bet.

Clear off bankers and your greedy mates
We won’t let public land be privatized
Clear off world wide developers
We’ll fight so hard you won’t believe your eyes your eyes
We’ll fight so hard you won’t believe your eyes.

When they talk about luxury dwellings
It’s a rat that we are definitely smelling
They’re destroying our communities
Acting with impunity
With democratic immunity
For financial opportunity.

You can’t knock down our council homes
And build loads of luxury private flats
We won’t let London be a playground for the rich
We’re definitely never up for grabs no no
We’re definitely never up for grabs.

Council homes are needed for the next generation
Lets all get together to save our public lands
Come and join us in the fight for justice
And keep our estates in our own hands o yes
Let’s keep our estates in our own hands.

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